3éme Édtition

3éme Édtition

Un événement unique.

Resumé du deuxième édition et projets laureáts.





On 6 Mach 2019, 25 architecture schools all around Europe (Paris, Porto, Hannover, Viena, Madrid, Moscow, Rome, etc) hosted the 3rd edition of DOCEXDOCE. More than 700 european students competed during 12 consecutive hours in any of the 25 DOCEXDOCE EMBASSIES, while up to 1,400 students participated in the 'online' system from anywhere in the world. In this documentary we are able to see the experience of those participants during the whole competition, their thoughs and feelings from 09.00 AM until 09.00 PM, coupled by the appareance of our jury members. The video was shot on May 6 in +10 different languages thanks to our amazing +35 DOCEXDOCE AMBASSADORS just using their smart-phones. You cna meet all of them at docexdoce.com/team. This documentary is a celebration of our lema this edition: "One Europe, one event!".


The workplace for all of them: the Globus Provisorium.
A space of unique opportunity which was located at the city center of Zürcih. Almost no issue of urban planning has been discussed with greater intensity or duration in Zurich than the happenings of the ‘Temporary Globus’ building. This building was built in 1960 as a temporary construction
without great pretensions. Designed by the architect Karl Egender it has suffered only slightly due to weather conditions over its 60 year lifespan. [Read more about the history of this place on the document "The competition topic" available to be downloade on the top]
See you in the fourth edition.
Nicolás Martínez Rueda,
DOCEXDOCE founder.